The ultimate soccer manager game for the PC
Allenatore (Italian word for coach) is a simulation game which allows you to take control of a soccer/football team and control everything about the club and team. You can decide playing tactics, team selection, transfers, financial issues and many more.

You play as manager of a team in the tough Italian leagues (where the press is quick to crucify you, fans are difficult to please and directors quick to fire under-achievers) and must try to build your team and win all 7 trophies on offer. Sounds easy? Think again!
You can start with one of the top clubs and already have a great team to manage. Then your aims will be to quickly win European trophies, but beware that the board of directors do not take lightly on managers who do not produce results, especially if you take over an expensively assembled team!
Alternatively you can start with a team in the lower leagues and build your way up to the top (if you can!). See your small town heroes become the Champions of Italy and ultimately Europe and The World!!!