The ultimate soccer manager game for the PC

NEW VERSION! We've updated the team and player data to reflect the 2019/2020 season. The game play is still the same as the old game, but with new teams and players. Also the EU/NON-EU status of countries has been updated, a lot has happened since our previous upgrade! It will have a slight impact on the players you can buy, but nothing major.

We've also again released the game as shareware, a small fee of €6.00 will get you the full registered version. You can buy that directly using the paypal checkout below. Please support our efforts, thank you very much!

Once your payment is received, you will get an e-mail with instructions how to activate your copy of the game to be fully registered with unlimited play.

Since the game was originally written to run under MS-DOS, you might have to run an emulator to play it. DosBox works great and runs the game without any issues.

All praise to God who gave me the strength to do this.